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Yoel Tordjman - Artist and Author



French Israeli artist Yoel Tordjman’s genius is not just the luminescence of his paintings, but the actual spiritual energy that he reveals through each of them. It is the varied ‘light and shadow’ of the all the unified truths showing itself in very high form. They are vessels of illumination, giving us something concrete and physical to behold that truthfully and gracefully convey patterns about a reality far beyond us. In that way they are like windows to the heavens, like portals to elevated levels of awareness. 


Taking the accumulated lifetime experiences of a devout Jew born into, and then professionally immersed in the field of graphic expression, Yoel’s art masterfully combines technique, style, superior intellect and spiritual insight, to completely define a new niche in the halls of the greatest. His vast collection (613 pieces appear in this collection alone) have been hidden away until now, awaiting your arrival. Enjoy.

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